DevOps Security: Interesting Facts You might not know

MD. Shoriful Islam
4 min readJul 8, 2022

The DevOps team continues to provide better, smoother, more robust, and more collaborative apps. The main secret to DevOps success is transparent collaboration and communication within their development and operation teams. DevOps practices reflect the idea of a CI/CD pipeline for fast automation. This allows DevOps a stable operating environment with better resource utilization.

But all innovation will go in vain if you are not getting a secure environment. Open source tools and frameworks are developing and achieving further goals. But their security priorities are not increasing. Their main target is to release the product to customers’ hands quickly. However, security is also an essential part.

In this article, we will learn about DevOps security and some common but interesting facts about it. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Current Situation of DevOps Security

Originally, DevOps security refers to protecting an app development lifecycle. DevOps security strategies, policies, and technology are safer than traditional ones. All of this will happen if the DevOps team practices those perfectly. But DevOps is leaning onto a more productive ecosystem than a safe environment.

That is why DevOps is facing operational weakness and code vulnerabilities issues. DevOps are relentlessly pursuing speed, automation, and business objectives. DevSecOps comes in response to this. It is collaborating teams with necessary security tools and training. This is vital against continuously evolving threats. With security, they are also improving operational intelligence for users to provide a fast, responsive product.

Why is Security Important in DevOps?

Nowadays, data breaches, hacker attacks, and cyber-threats are increasing. But still, many organizations are taking it as a last-minute consideration. Experts are suggesting taking security concerns more effectively. Though it increases the time length of the development cycle, it is still essential in some content. Security will protect you from

  • Unknown security threats.
  • Internal infrastructural issues.
  • Will prevent dangerous vulnerabilities.

If developers provide security at the code level at the beginning, it will secure and remove the problematic code. Then, you will…

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