7 Benefits of AWS Organizations Every Enterprise Must Consider

MD. Shoriful Islam
3 min readNov 18, 2020

When an enterprise has to use multiple accounts outside of AWS Organizations, you have to manage each account’s Service control policies separately. It comes with the possibility of misconfiguring the accounts with the roles and access that should have been restricted.

AWS organizations allow enterprises to build an organizational structure for multiple accounts with a consolidated billing mechanism. It links multiple accounts within an enterprise, giving you the central management of setting policies, creating/removing accounts, assigning roles, and sending invitations to the organization’s existing members.

Why should you Choose AWS Organizations?

As I said earlier, when you have multiple accounts outside the AWS Organizations, there is a mismanagement risk. AWS not only simplifies the control over the accounts but also allows you to regulate them centrally. It ensures all the account follows the organizations’ compliance policy and enables you to control access to any particular AWS services.

On the other hand, while the consolidated billing system charges against the management account (Previously known as a master account), it enables you to get big discounts over the volume, which you might not get through a single account.

Advantages of using AWS organizations

  1. Rapid scalability

Using automation, AWS Organizations allow you to scale your environment rapidly. Besides, multiple accounts appear with in-built security restrictions. It gives your team the power to create specified accounts, which you can supervise with programmatic resources and permissions utilizing AWS cloud formation StackSets.

2. Custom Environment

AWS Organizations permits you to implement policies to help your team with the resources they require inside a safe barricade you’ve created for them. You can also put accounts under organizational units (OUs) and set service control policies (SCPs) to build targeted regulation limits for the OUs.

3. Audit your environment centrally across accounts

The AWS CloudTrail offers you all the information about the events and activities of all the accounts. However, AWS backup lets you monitor backup requirements while the AWS Control Tower helps to build cross-account security audits and manage policies implemented on…

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